First blog post

I need to start writing more, and better start now before we head off to Europe!

Kat and I have started planning our Europe trip for August this year, spending 5 weeks traveling from London to Croatia. We spend 14 days on a Contiki doing the European Highlights Trip going from London to Amsterdam, then we fly to Berlin for 4 days of exploring followed by a short train trip down to Prague for a further 5 days. After spending our time gallivanting around the streets of old town Prague we fly to Split in Croatia to spend 8 days with Busabout sailing around the Croatian islands (god help our livers). Once we are finished here we fly to Rome and stay in a hotel outside the Colosseum before flying home from Rome via Dubai.

Even though I have done quite a few trips around the world, there’s going to be a few things different with this one… First of all, I’m not traveling solo… I have met people whilst I have been traveling, but have never left my destination and traveled with someone, how nerve racking. Also, I have traveled Europe by myself, but never with a tour, i.e. Contiki/Busabout… This should be fun.

Overall, I really didn’t think I would end up traveling on such a big planned trip this year at all… Very happy I am though, bring on Europe 2016 #KME16


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