Natural Bridge, Springbrook

Today Kat and I decided to head up the range to Springbook National Park, and explore the region. We drove the 45 minutes up the winding mountain range to head into Springbrook, then we decided to head to the Natural Bridge walk in the National Park.

This was the first time I have actually used my Nikon D7200 taking nature photos. I was able to change the aperture settings and shutter speeds etc (+ more settings which I really have to learn more about) to take a few photos of the area. Although they might not be professional, I’m quite happy about how they turned out!! But, I bet they would have turned out ten times better If I knew how to use the setting on the camera more efficiently and to suite the scene better. On a better note, my parents bought me a photography day course for my birthday (yay for me).

Back to Springbrook, it was beautiful! The Natural Bridge walk was just under an hour with some long stops for photos. A bunch of areas to stop to take photos and the walk was nice and easy. I’ve definitely got to practice taking further timelapse & slow shutter speed photos. Kat and I then went to the Scuttlebutt Cafe and got Thick shakes (Lime flavour is my absolute favourite), and Beef Burgers nomnomnomnom. After chowing down on our food, we headed to the Goomoolahra Falls track to check the view from Springbrook to the Gold Coast.

I highly recommend heading up to Springbrook to check out the area as there are plenty more walks than the couple Kat and I did, plus, the Fudge Shop & Cafes are fantastic đŸ˜€


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