We’re off to Europe! First stop, London!

Today is the day! we finally get to head off to Europe. Kat had a countdown going for weeks/months now. After packing & unpacking, and then sorting out what we definitely didn’t need to bring, we got going to the airport at 0230am… fml

At the airport we checked our bags in and made the walk to the all famous departures sign… #sorrynotsorry


Then through customs and on to Dutyfree… Kat actually didn’t buy as much as I thought she would have, only some perfume, which I can’t complain about because I bought myself cologne as well

Then came the long 14-hour flight from Brisbane to Dubai… which was initially delayed because someone had a last minute change of heart in business class and wanted off as we were taxiing. Other than that and the multiple screaming children who could not be controlled by there parents, the multitude of other passengers who were rude to the staff, and everybody that had no idea that when the seatbelt light is on, that it means sit the fuck down, the flight was pretty good. The Emirates staff were fantastic, super friendly & helpful and we even scored some Polaroids from them! Shout-out to Francesca and William for making the flight amazing!


Once in Dubai we strolled to our next gate and had enough time to relax a little before boarding the A380. That’s one massive ass plane. After being delayed again due to an air-conditioning problem, we got to our seat and probably one-third the plane was empty, which was great because Kat and I could stretch out and actually get some sleep on this flight.
We landed at Gatwick Airport, picked up our baggage, found our way to the train station and managed to spend £30 on two tickets, all in the matter of an hour, yay!


England really turned the weather on for us, with rain, it turned the rain on for us. Once at the hotel we realised I had left my Contiki vouchers for my trip at home, and Kat took full advantage of this to tell poke fun at me about how I always lose stuff, but I didn’t lose it, I just left it in Brisbane, there’s a difference Kathleen.

Anywho, we are now at the hotel and just heading to bed.

28 hours in transit, two international flights, 6 hours sleep, multiple movies, breakfast, lunch and dinner on an airplane, and the adventure has only just begun.


Day 2


Today Kat and I decided to check out London, our initial thought was to hire one of the Santander bicycles and make our way round… but classic London, the weather was shit. Overcast with spotting rain throughout the day. So instead of risking riding on the road in the rain and probably eating dirt, we decided to just walk, and walk, and walk. We strolled east on the Thames to the Tower of London via the Temple Church & London Bridge.


Followed by our first UK beer, and more rain.


We then jumped on the tube to head to Westminster to see Westminster Abby, Big Ben, the London Eye. Unfortunately I was unable to get good photos with my Nikon due to all the rain… so GoPro time it was! #bulkfisheye. We then walked to Buckingham Palace and explored around The Queen Victoria Memorial.


Finally we managed to get on another tube and head to Lesctier Square to meet up with some of our mates who work over here for London Ambulance and had a few beers, cocktails and good chats, big shout out to them for catching up with us, was good seeing you all!! Pincus, McGuffick, Kyle, Sully, Rowan & Anthony!

And we also managed to catch up with Krishan and Ben who showed us around some pubs in Camden! Thanks guys and cheers for the hangovers the next day, it was definitely you and that bloody cider.

Kat and I both think we needed to spend a little more time in London to actually explore the sites and no just see them from the outside, but, looks like we will have to do that next time!

Adios London, next stop, Paris.

p.s. we are having problems uploading our GoPro footage and Nikon shots, so will have to add it later. When we get good enough WIFI, good old unstable WIFI.


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