Florence, you unexpected beauty!

Once again, this is uploaded from my phone so I apologise for the layout of the photos 💁🏼

Up nice and early and we’ve departed the French Riveria to head to Florence via Pisa. We were pushed for time due to some bad traffic on the way to Pisa, so we only had 15 minutes when we arrived to walk around and take some photos before we had to get back on the bus, this was so we didn’t push back our Tuscan dinner and other pre-booked items. When we arrived we quickly snapped some photos and attempted to find a spare area of grass to get a tourist shot, lets just say that Kat loves Pisa too much to share with anybody else.

After this we continued to Florence where we had to quickly get dressed and ready for our tour photo, followed by the Tuscan dinner and after we would head to a Karaoke Bar! The view from where the photo was taken was absolutely amazing. The photos just don’t do justice to how beautiful and intricate the city of Florence is. It was great to experience it with such awesome people 👍🏼

The Tuscan dinner was a three course meal with bulk wine each and a free shot, so we weren’t complaining, apart from the fact I was still sick with a the most productive chest cough I have ever had, and Kat was just beginning to get sick as well, let’s just say it was a good excuse not to do karaoke! However, I still don’t understand Hamish how our shirts got buttoned up together, bloody red wine I tell you. But I still don’t get why people we complaining, it’s not like we naked chest pumped.

The karaoke bar was fun ++, there were some good acts, and some bad ones who compensated for it by taking their shirts off towards the end. The alcohol was cheap and the beer was great, mainly because it came in a 3L tower with a sparkler, copious amounts of these were drunk.

The next day with hangover in hand, we headed to Florence to go to a leather and jewellery workshop, followed by a walking tour and then free time to explore. It was awesome listening to the presenter of the leather shop talk about how it’s all made and prepared, well that was until Oliva sat on our chair and broke it, causing it to fall onto the back of my ankle, shout out to you Olivia you Scottish queen you. After the presentation we went and had a look in the store and Kat and I both bought Puzzle Rings, Kats is a four band gold and mines a 6 band silver, I’ll have to get good photos and post them later. 

After this we went on our walking tour around Florence, Kat and I both didn’t expect it to be such a beautiful city, with once again the intricate walk ways, buildings, sculptures and such a extensive historical atmosphere. We once again didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to explore the streets, museums and shops, but we managed to learn a little about the history of Florence and its many famous architects, painters and the like, here’s just a few photos of the parts which caught our eyes. Including you Mo, you always caught our eyes 😘

This is why Florence, you were the unexpected gem of our trip, and we definitely love you for it!