Paris Paris Paris 🍷🧀 🐌

So the WIFI has not been fantastic at all, and Kats laptop is starting to bite the bullet, so I’m attempting to do all this from my phone, woo! So I apologise for the layout of the photos and orientation of the videos, I will have to fix it up when I can get on a PC. 👍🏼

Two and a half hours sleep after a classic Kat & Mark big night, and we are waiting for the Contiki bus to take us to Paris. Kat is hungover +++ and I’m just riding the hangover wave. We first get on the bus and a group of wogs sit next to us, shout out to the boys of the trip, Ali, Ali, Mo and Yosh! They are constantly coughing their guts up, thanks for getting me sick lads.

A further shout out to the best tour leader Anna-Elyse, and our awesome coach driver, and best shirtless cleaner Balazs! Photos to come!

The bus trip to Paris included a 90-minute ferry ride from Dover to Calai, and the white cliffs of Dover were absolutely beautiful! Note to Kat and Mark, you have to go back and get a boat ride around the cliffs when you’re not hung AF. During this ferry trip, Kathleen didn’t fair(y) to well, and vomited thrice. Kat was then generally unwell the further bus trip to Paris. But once we arrived and unpacked our gear into the room, Kat was feeling a little better! That night we had a Parisian dinner of escargot which Kat didn’t mind, and every time I have it, it constantly make me wonder why, I have chosen this dish, like I love love love garlic butter, but the snail just adds another element I’m not sure whether I enjoy or not. After this we had a night tour of Paris on our coach, after this Kathleen and I and a few other got dropped off at the Eiffel Tower for photos and a night climb. It was amazing and had breathtaking views of Paris.

The next day, we were still shit out of luck with the weather, of course it rained on our free day. Kat and I got dropped off with some of the other tourists at the Arc Du Triomphe, which was an absolute highlight of our trip around Paris. Once we had been tourists there, Kathleen and I walked down the Champs Elyse, which is a busy street I might add, and went to one of Kathleen’s must do stops in Paris, Ladurée, the famous macaroon shop. After she indulged herself, we then continued down the Champs Elyse until we came across the Grand Palais and Petit Palais. Followed by a quick look at the Fountain des Fleuves, Place de la Concorde. We then strolled through the Jardin des Tuileries to the Place du Carrousel and the Louvre. Kat and I were pushed for time so we decided not to head into the Louvre as it wasn’t top of our priorities for the unfortunately limited time we had in Paris

Once we had decided to move on from there, we walk across the Seine River, and past little market stores where Kat found some vintage perfume posters. We continued down the Seine until we crossed back over to get to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, another one of my highlights. Prior to heading in we had lunch next to the Cathedral which consisted of two types of pasta, crepes, scotch and wine, and bread, the never ending bread baskets. We then heading into this medieval cathedral, the stain glass windows were simply amazing, along with the interior paintings, sculptures and overall feeling. We said some prayers for loved ones, and then moseyed back down the Seine to our coach pick up point.

The Parisian architechture in these buildings, roadways and in basically everything you can see, is amazing, the amount of detail that goes into the construction of every building, and then every stone carving; the lines, contours and symmetry is absolutely magnificent and equally beautiful.

Tonight we have another highlight of Paris, the tour group are heading to a burlesque show, where as I bought Kat for her birthday this year, VIP tickets to Moulin Rouge, needless to say she’s absolutely excited. But before this we had a group Parisian dinner, I had Duck a l’orange and Kat had a beef dish, after scoffing these down we quickly made our way down the Moulin Rouge, I never thought I’d say this but, holy shit, what a show. 

The main act was absolutely amazing, and the interval shows were gobsmacking. It’s hard to write down and explain what is was like without photos, but, there was an act where two people on roller blades on a raised platform and the man swung the girl around by her feet wrapped around his head, another where a lady swam with multiple 3-4m pythons then there were three men doing acrobatic stunts and finally a man performing ventriloquism. It was absolutely fantastic and Kat and I have already said we are going to come back again. Recommend +++. 

Now it’s time for group drinks and an Irish bar called Sully’s to get to know our group a little better, followed by an early departure tomorrow to a winery and Lyon, then on to the French Riveria, Nice and Monaco! A further shout out to the other couples of the trip who’ve also become great friends; Hamish, Louise (Han-)Joel(o), Stewie and Chris! You were the meat in all our sandwiches Joel.